3-D Printing and Engineering Workshop in 6th Class

Some of you may remember that back in October, 6th Class entered a 3-D printing sustainability competition, which Gilles won with his water filter design!

Well, because of this success, we were very fortunate to have Sylvia Leatham from i-Form, and Ronan McCann, from DCU (who is working with Gilles on his prototype), come out in March to give us a 3-D printing and engineering workshop. You can see them pictured with Gilles and the 3-D printer above!

We were divided into groups and given one of three different challenges: build a tower, a marble run or a bridge. Each one had criteria it had to fulfil. Some of us managed to convert our first construction into another one of the challenges, ensuring they were multi-purpose. We had great fun designing, working together and reflecting on what went well. Here is our work in progress:

All of the projects were a success and we had a great time. See below for our groups with our finished projects!

However, even better was the prospect of seeing things that had been 3-D printed, and to see an actual 3-D printer in action! We got to look at a variety of items, and then got to see the 3-D printer in groups, and ask Ronan our questions about how it worked. It was a great privilege and we are really thankful to Sylvia and Ronan for taking time out of their busy schedules and coming out to see us!

See below for us getting to see some of the 3-D printed objects and the 3-D printer in action!