2nd Class School Tour

For our school tour we went to the National Sports Campus. We got into teams for football. When the other team scored, we switched teams. We did a nerf run. We had to try to hit a cone or a skittle down by shooting. It was lots of fun!




On our school tour we also did gymnastics. We did a beam, spring board, jumped in hula hoops and jumping on the trampoline. Our instructor jumped over our teacher. It was scary as he did a tumble in the air over her! We went on the rings. We held onto the rings in the air and let go. We fell into a pit of foam cubes. It was lots of fun but we could barely get out of the pit. We also did trampolining. We did star jumps and tuck jumps. We really enjoyed our school tour. Thank you to the parents who came along to help us on the day.