Friendship week in 2nd Class

In February we celebrated Friendship Week. We talked about what makes a good friend and how we should treat everyone around us with kindness. In 2nd Class, we completed friendship bingo which was so much fun. This included asking someone how they are and listen, give someone a compliment, draw a picture for someone in your class, making sure no one is left out and asking someone what they would like to play on yard. We discussed some of the key traits to being a good friend which are loyalty, including others, support, helping others, trust, being fair not judging others, sharing and kindness.

The whole school worked as a team to create a friendship tree using a handprint. We used our own designs on each hand.

We also participated in a friendship talent show. We sang friendship songs such as ‘You got a friend in me’, made up a few dances in our groups and even had a penalty shoot out!