1st Class: Incredible Edibles Project

1st Class are participating in the Incredible Edibles Project. This project involves us growing our own food. We planted a variety of incredible edibles including potatoes, carrots, strawberries and turnips which are growing in our classroom!

We have learnt about some different vegetables in class. We talked about what it is like to visit the supermarket. We also did some investigating homework to find out how food was different long ago compared to the choices we have today! We interviewed parents, minders, aunts, uncles and grandparents to ask them questions about the different types of food they had for meals, as sweets and about eating out in restaurants!

In class we also baked our own bread! We learnt how bread is made from wheat which is turned into flour. We mixed together the ingredients, kneaded the bread, formed our own dough ball and we put them in the oven. Of course then we had to eat them!

Check out some of our pictures!