STEM Week in 1st Class

In November we had lots of fun during STEM Week. We designed and made our own paper aeroplanes. Once we had them made, we went to the school hall to test them all out. We threw them to see which aeroplanes flew the furthest. We even had a final with the six aeroplanes that flew the longest distance to test them again. 

One day during Stem Week, we got to use the school Bee-bots. We worked in groups and took turns to code and test the Bee-bot on the mats we had. There was an alphabet, shape, number and town map. We also used the Bee-bot app on the iPads to practice coding. It was so much fun and we really enjoyed getting to use them!

We carried out a walking water science experience with food colouring and tissue paper. It was very exciting watching and waiting for the water to change colour. We also did a science art lesson where we created a gravity painting. We used watered down paint, so when we put a drop on our cardboard and held it up the gravity pulled the paint down the card. We used lots of different colours to create a background for our art work. It was such a fun and messy activity!