Autumn Art

We have had a busy first half term in 1st class this year. We learned about Autumn and did lots of art work and science experiments.  We learned about 2-D shapes in maths and even went on a shape hunt outside in our playground. We couldn’t believe the amount of 2-D shapes that we were able to find.

One of our favourite lessons so far this year was our Autumn themed art. We all got a paper hedgehog which we cut out. We coloured in the head of the hedgehog with our colouring pencils and crayons. Next, we got some leaves that had fallen from trees. They were brown and orange. We picked out our favourite leaves and stuck them onto the hedgehogs back using our glue sticks. We put all the hedgehogs up on the wall in our classroom beside our Autumnal trees for everyone to see. They looked great!