Active Week

We had a very busy week during active week with a lot of activities and sports. The week startedwith an active talent show and there was so much talent from 1st Class – Roller skating, dancing, penalty shoot outs and so much more!

Leo Cullen came to the school to visit us on one of the days. He gave us a very inspirational talk and we were able to ask loads of questions. He brought in loads of prizes such as Leinster jerseys, half-zips, hats, caps and rulers for the children in St Matthews to win. He also brought us out to the school yard for some rugby drills and activities. It was great fun!

On the last day of active week, 1st and 2nd Class took part in a football tournament. We had a mixture of teams with 1st and 2nd Class combined. To end our active week, we got to watch 6th Class play a basketball match against the staff of St Matthews NS. It was really fun to watch!

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