Active Week in 1st Class

We had a very busy week this week. Each day we had different activities to ensure that we were staying active. We started of the week by going to the hall for some yoga and meditation with 2nd Class. We really enjoyed the yoga. Some of us had never done it before. We finished off the activity with some meditation. We were very relaxed by the end of it.  

Later on in the week we played some buddy games. We joined up with 4th Class and went outside. We split up into groups which had both 1st and 4th Class. We played football, basketball, completed an obstacle course and played lots more games.  

To finish off our Active Week we went to the hall for some gymnastics. We moved around to each of the four stations. We walked along a bench and had to try balance on one leg, we did cartwheels, bridges and handstands. We really enjoyed all the fun activities we did during Active Week!