A Fun Filled First Term in 1st Class

We have had a fun-filled first term in 1st Class this year. We have learned a lot of new and exciting things. We learned all about space and the solar system. We learned some interesting facts about each planet and even drew our own solar systems which we put up on the wall in our classroom. 

In maths this term we have learned about 2-D and 3-D shapes. We went on shape hunts around our school playground to see how many shapes we could find. We were learning about how 3-D shapes have faces, corners and edges. We worked together to try count how many each shape has. We also started to learn about money this term. We learned about different coins we have and giving change. One day we even turned our classroom into a shop to use our coins to buy different items that were on sale. Lots of us got to be shopkeepers! 

During the term we created lots of lovely art pieces. We did lots of Autumn and Winter themed art. We painted some Halloween ghosts and used coloured paper to make pumpkins. As part of our Winter themed art we created lovely penguins using paper and paint and we also made colourful Santa Hats. 

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