100 Word Challenge

Sixth class have been taking on writing challenges in class. Each week there is a new prompt and the challenge is to write creatively about the prompt while only writing exactly 100 words! This can be quite tough! It requires careful selection of wording and lots of editing. This week the prompt was: RED. Take a look at some of the pieces below.


The ground rumbled and shook violently. The volcano exploded with ash and lava spilling out of the volcano. Ash was blown away by the wind. The red hot lava spilled into our town from the hillside. The streets were filled with lava. The wooden buildings burned and cars were swept down by the volcano. We climbed to the top floor of an office building and we looked over the burning town. Soon the lava cooled and turned to rock so we searched for survivors. We called 999 and we found 3 people. We will never ever forget this day.

By James



There it was, the flag that meant death. Red, waving pitifully in the air. Death was inevitable. I was bound to get caught in a crossfire. It was coming closer, the chants and footsteps. The screaming starts. I knew it was someone I know. The screaming gets louder, shouting now. Gun fire in the air. The screeching is paining my ears because I know who it is.
“They are coming for you!” That’s what I hear in the back of my head.
“Come out! Show yourself!” It’s over for me now. The door falls to the ground. BANG!

By Izzy


A Red World

I stroll through the bright autumnal park. The sun is shimmering on the picturesque pond. I watch the swans gliding gracefully across the water while cheeky ducks dive under, wagging their tales as if mocking me for not joining them. I look up to the sky to see bright scarlet red, pumpkin orange and plum purple leaves. I continue walking and listen to the click of my boots on the pavement. I button up my red coat and pull down the brim of my grey beanie and leave the beautiful park, hoping to return soon.

By Hannah